Legendary Equines: Majestic Pegasus Statues and Figurines

Our collection of graceful Pegasus statues brings the magic of the mythical winged horse to life in your home. Choose rearing, galloping or aerial designs of this revered symbol of inspiration. Handcrafted from designer resin and cold cast bronze, these striking Pegasus figurines make an inspiring accent. Explore our sub-collections of imaginative decor like powerful dragon statues, delicate fairy statues, mysterious mermaid statues and more.

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Collection: Pegasus Statue & Sculpture

The Allure of the Pegasus Statue

For centuries, the Pegasus has captivated humanity as a symbol of wisdom, poetry and wild freedom. This mythical winged horse of Ancient Greek legend has inspired great works of art across cultures and eras. Today, a Pegasus statue remains an enchanting decorative element to incorporate into one's home.

The AltoStatue® brand has cultivated an expertise around sculpting and crafting Pegasus sculptures that balance realism with creative flair. Our artisans pay meticulous attention to equine anatomy while incorporating artistic touches that conjure the magical essence of Pegasus. This results in statues with flowing mane and tails, gracefully arched wings, and refined muscular detail.

Benefits of Displaying a Pegasus Statue

What draws people to showcase these mythological horses in their decor? For many, the appeal lies in:

  • Adding an element of surrealism and fantasy to any space
  • Conveying the aspirational ideals embodied by Pegasus - wisdom, poetry, and limitless freedom
  • Creating an sophisticated focal point full of visual intrigue
  • Providing a conversation piece that enlivens any gathering

A Pegasus sculpture achieves all this with a style and artistry that feels pleasantly anachronistic in our modern world dominated by technology and pragmatism.

Choosing the Right Pegasus Statue

When selecting a Pegasus statue, consider the space where you want to showcase this imaginative piece.

  • Smaller models are ideal for bookshelves, curio cabinets, and desk displays.
  • Larger, bolder Pegasus statues can command attention in foyers, living rooms, dens and master bedrooms.
  • For outdoor installation, opt for durable materials like stone resin or reinforced fiberglass.

Determine the mood and style you want the statue to convey:

  • Lean toward realism with sculptures capturing mid-gallop poses or finely sculpted feathers.
  • Embrace a more stylized aesthetic with fluid, abstract shapes and imaginative detailing.

Contemplate how the Pegasus statue will coordinate with your overall decor. The versatile appeal of Pegasus allows it to mesh well with styles ranging from stately traditional to breezy coastal chic.

Here at AltoStatue®, we offer a range of Pegasus statues to match any taste. Peruse our collection to discover the perfect mythological horse sculpture to give your home an uplifting touch of wonder.

Our Handcrafted Pegasus Sculptures

Every AltoStatue® Pegasus is painstakingly hand-sculpted and cast from molds right here in our California studio. We take pride in creating lasting, heirloom-quality statues. Here are some highlights of our collection:

Take to the Skies

This mid-sized Pegasus sculpture captures the mythical horse mid-leap with wings spread gracefully wide. Fine feather detailing contrasts with the powerful muscle tone sculpted along the horse's haunches and neck. This flowing Pegasus statue adds kinetic energy to any space.

*Cast in quality designer resin *Available in 24” and 32” sizes *Ideal for indoor installation

Wisdom's Mount

Inspired by the role Pegasus played carrying wisdom deities, this statue depicts an elegant Pegasus walking steadily with head held high. The distinctive wings curve upward slightly, as if ready to quickly take flight. Detailed sculpture captures the pensive essence of this mythological horse.

*Hand-cast using stone resin *12” and 20” size options *Distressed finish adds character

Song of the Heavens

Our most abstract Pegasus sculpture utilizes fluid, swirling lines to invoke a sense of aerial grace and lightness. Bold shapes sweep from the horse's muscular hindquarters to its slender outstretched wings and gracefully arching neck. This is Pegasus in its essence - poetry in motion

*Molded from reinforced stone-effect fiberglass *Untethered design creates floating effect *Available in Small (15”) and Large (24”)

Pegasus Companion

For myth lovers, we offer a paired sculpture portraying Pegasus alongside the hero Bellerophon. This legendary duo is captured mid-adventure, with Bellerophon steadying himself on the rearing Pegasus. Vibrant hand-painted details enrich the visual impact.

*Cold-cast bronze construction *Fixed on black marble base *12” and 18” size options

Pegasus Fountain

Bring the magic of this mythical horse to your garden or patio with a flowing water fountain. Water cascades from Pegasus' uplifted wings into a basin decorated with equine motifs. The white stone resin finish acquires an antique patina over time.

*Mold crafted from durable fiberglass *LED light option for night viewing *Also available in a wall-mount style

Your Mythical Pegasus Awaits

Let your imagination take flight. Bring home the legendary magic, poetry and nobility of Pegasus by incorporating an AltoStatue® quality sculpture into your home. Browse our collection today to find the perfect mythological statue to inspire your decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the Pegasus statues made of?

Our Pegasus sculptures are cast from high-quality designer resin, reinforced stone-effect fiberglass, cold-cast bronze or carved stone resin depending on the individual design. Outdoor models feature weather-resistant construction.

What sizes are available?

We offer small, medium and large Pegasus statues ranging in height from 12 inches to 32 inches. Larger monument-scale sculptures are available on custom commission.

How are the Pegasus sculptures shipped?

Each statue is carefully packaged with foam inserts and shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes to prevent damage. Larger orders may be shipped on wood pallets for optimal protection.

Can you create a custom Pegasus statue?

Absolutely! Many of our clients request customized sculptures, colors and bases. Simply contact us to discuss your vision.

Is installation included?

For select large Pegasus statues, professional installation is available in most regions for an additional fee. Smaller sculptures are designed for DIY installation. We provide instructions and mounting hardware.

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