Visions of Today: Contemporary Modern Art Sculptures

Our collection of imaginative modern art sculptures celebrates the groundbreaking work of today's artists. Choose thought-provoking conceptual pieces, minimalist forms, kinetic sculptures and more. Expertly crafted from metal, glass, plastic and mixed media, these striking contemporary sculptures capture the ethos of 21st-century art. Explore our sub-collections of avant-garde accent pieces including imaginative abstract sculptures and general modern sculptures that exemplify the innovative spirit of current artists.

Collection: Modern Art Sculpture

The modern art sculpture collection from AltoStatue® brings a contemporary edge to home décor

Ranging from abstract shapes to figural forms, these statues make a striking statement in any room. As an art lover myself, I'm thrilled to share more about this exciting collection of modern decorative art.

The Evolution of Modern Sculpture

A Brief History: The modern sculpture movement has its roots in the late 19th and early 20th century. Artists like Rodin and Brancusi pushed the boundaries of traditional sculpture. They experimented with new materials, forms, and methods like welding and assemblage.

This innovative spirit continued with mid-century masters like Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Their abstract, biomorphic shapes still feel fresh today.

Hallmarks of Modernism: So what defines modern sculpture? Some key qualities include:
  • Abstract or simplified forms
  • Experimental materials like plastic, metal, and concrete
  • Non-traditional methods like welding, carving, and assemblage
  • Expressive shapes and textures
  • Integration of voids and space into the form

This adventurous approach liberated sculpture from merely imitating nature. It opened up boundless new creative possibilities.

The AltoStatue® Sculptures Collection

Artistry Meets Functionality

The modern art sculptures from AltoStatue® blend artistic originality with functionality. Though meant for display, they integrate thoughtful touches like:

  • Carefully weighted bases for stability
  • Durable materials resistant to weather and wear
  • Subtle lighting options to create drama
  • Sizes suited to home, office, or garden

You can appreciate them as art objects or as chic décor accents.

Unique Contemporary Forms

From fluid curves to jagged angles, the abstract shapes infuse any space with modern edge. There are representational sculptures too, like the evocative human silhouettes. But even these maintain a stripped-down, contemporary look.

The artists play with negative space, balance, and proportion to create visually arresting forms. The smooth, tactile finishes beg to be touched yet still feel sleek.

Whether placed alone or grouped, these modern art decor pieces make a statement.

Designed by Masters

AltoStatue® carefully curates its collection, selecting works by acclaimed sculptors from around the globe. Each sculpture reflects the artist's distinctive style and vision. Some are rising stars while others have shown in major museums and exhibitions.

By partnering directly with artists and foundries, AltoStatue® makes these museum-quality works accessible to art enthusiasts. It's a chance to own an original piece by a contemporary master.

Reasons to Choose AltoStatue®

  • Direct-from-artist designs you won't find anywhere else
  • Meticulously inspected and packaged before shipment
  • Crafted from quality, durable materials like bronze, aluminum and concrete
  • Lifetime guarantee provides peace of mind
  • Freestanding and wall-mounted pieces suit any space
  • Indoor or outdoor options available
  • Competitive pricing vs. galleries

Bring the Vision Home

The AltoStatue® collection opens the door for art lovers everywhere to own an authentic modern sculpture. Each unique piece infuses its environment with the creative spirit of modernism.

Whether it becomes your living room's focal point, your office's talking piece, or your garden's pièce de résistance, it's sure to inspire joy and imagination every day.


How are the sculptures shipped?

Carefully packed in crates with foam padding and security straps to prevent any damage during shipping. We use freight services with lift gate delivery.

What maintenance do they need?

Our sculptures are designed for easy care. Just follow the material-specific tips that come with your piece. Most require little more than dusting.

What if it arrives damaged?

Notify us right away if any damage is noticed. We guarantee refund or replacement for any sculpture damaged in transit.

Can you make custom sculptures?

We don't offer custom designs but have an ever-rotating collection of unique, limited-edition pieces to fit diverse tastes.


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