Mythical Sirens: Graceful Mermaid Statues and Figurines

Our collection of elegant mermaid statues brings the magic of aquatic legends to your home decor. Choose from alluring designs depicting these maidens of the sea relaxed on rocks, swimming, or in half-human form. Handcrafted from designer resin and crushed stone, these striking mermaid figurines make fanciful accents. Explore our sub-collections of imaginative decor like imposing dragon statues, charming fairy statues, and mysterious alien statues for more whimsical pieces.

Collection: Mermaid Statue & Sculpture

Bring the Allure of the Sea into Your Decor with Mermaid Statues

Adorn your home with an air of myth and wonder by adding a mermaid statue from our brand new collection at AltoStatue®. Handcrafted by talented artisans, each mermaid sculpture embodies the mystical elegance of the sea through fine details and charming poses.

Graceful Forms That Captivate

Far from kitschy novelties, our mermaid statues boast a sophistication perfect for contemporary, coastal, boho chic, and eclectic decors. Sculpted to portray the alluring beauty of aquatic maidens, every piece reveals alluring curves, flowing hair, scales, fins, seashells, and other maritime elements. We offer mermaids in graceful standing, sitting, or swimming poses. Some hold objects like mirrors, jewels, vases, or fans. Others interact with sea creatures like dolphins, seahorses, starfish, and more. Every alluring detail comes to life through skilled hands and quality materials like cold cast bronze, resin, marble, and hand-painted accents.

Artisan Craftsmanship Meets Decor Finesse

Our mermaid sculpture collection combines two passions: the artisan's devotion to their craft and home decorators' flair for aesthetics. We directly partner with studios, foundries, and independent artists across the globe, seeking out those who sculpt and hand-finish every piece with meticulous care. They capture the lively dynamism of underwater movement while honoring classical ideals of beauty and graceful femininity. Meanwhile, our discerning designers curate each mermaid statue, choosing figurines that pair timeless mystique with contemporary chic. We offer mermaids ranging from mini 3-inch accent pieces to towering 5-foot centerpiece sculptures. There are options suiting mantels, shelves, side tables, vanities, bathrooms, gardens, and more - all meant to elevate your space with an alluring focal point.

Bring a Touch of Myth and Magic

A mermaid statue lends rooms a dash of wonder, making it an enchanting addition for coastal cottages, glam spaces, kids' rooms, and beyond.

  • For nautical rooms, a mermaid statue perfectly complements seashells, coral, anchors, and driftwood, bringing the allure of the sea indoors. Place one on a console table or bookshelf as a refined oceanic accent.
  • In boho, eclectic, and vintage spaces, a mermaid statue meshes nicely with the overall playful and free-spirited vibe. Position one on the mantel or in an empty corner to add a mythical focal point.
  • For glamorous decors, opt for our gilded, bejeweled, or hand-painted mermaid statues depicting these aquatic beauties gazing into mirrors, holding pearls and jewels, or preening. Pair with candles, gold frames, and luxe textiles for an opulent feel.
  • In kids' rooms, mini mermaid statues make sweet whimsical accents on shelves, desks, or dressers. Choose kid-friendly poses like our mermaids holding starfish or seals.

Questions Frequently Asked About Mermaid Statues:

  • What materials are the mermaid statues made of?

    Our collection includes options in quality designer-grade materials like cold cast bronze, resin, marble, polyresin and hand-painted accents. Each material captures details in a realistic, refined way.

  • What sizes are available?

    We carry miniature mermaid statues under 6 inches up to enormous 5-foot centerpiece sculptures. Sizes range from 3 to 60 inches tall.

  • Are the mermaid sculpture poses and styles varied?

    Yes, we offer dozens of unique mermaid poses - sitting on rocks, swimming, holding mirrors or tridents, interacting with creatures and more. Styles range from sweet and innocent to elegant and sophisticated.

  • How do I know which mermaid statue is best for my decor?

    Our team helps customers select the perfect mermaid statue for their space and style. We're happy to provide suggestions based on your goals and decor tastes.

  • Do the mermaid statues require special care or cleaning?

    Basic dusting is all that's needed to keep your mermaid statue looking beautiful. Some have small embellishments that are delicate, so gentle handling is best.

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