Mighty Elephant Statues: Majestic Mammoths in Artistic Form

This imposing collection of elephant statues celebrates the strength, size, and dignity of these gentle giants. Expertly sculpted from quality materials, these magnificent pachyderms showcase intricate details like wrinkled skin and sturdy tusks. An artistic accent for living rooms, entryways, gardens, and more.

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Collection: Elephant Statue & Sculpture

Decorating with Elephant Statues and Sculptures

For centuries, the elephant has been a symbol of strength, wisdom and good luck. Today, elephant statues and sculptures continue to be popular choices for home decor and collecting. If you’re looking to add a touch of exotic flair or spiritual symbolism to your space, our handcrafted elephant ornaments are sure to fit the bill.

In this decorative statue collection, you’ll find carefully crafted elephant sculptures made from materials like bronze, resin, ceramic and natural stone. We offer figurines of all sizes, from dainty miniatures to larger statement pieces over three feet tall. Whether you prefer abstract shapes, realistic detailing or bold colors, we have an elephant ornament to match your style.

Here are some reasons to consider adding one of these majestic elephant statues or sculptures to your home decor:

They Make Striking Accent Pieces

With their impressive size and presence, elephant decor lends a sense of grandeur to any space. An elephant statue placed in a foyer or entryway makes a bold first impression. Use a large sculpture as the focal point of a room, or place smaller ornaments throughout your home for a coordinated look. The intricate patterns and textures found on many pieces give them an air of exotic luxury.

They Bring Spiritual Symbolism

In many cultures, the elephant represents wisdom, longevity and good fortune. According to Buddhist tradition, the elephant signifies strength and resilience. Ganesha, one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu faith, has an elephant head which is said to symbolize wisdom and discernment. An elephant sculpture can make a meaningful addition to a meditative space used for reflection, yoga or prayer.

They Make Thoughtful Gifts

An elephant ornament is sure to delight any recipient who loves exotic decor, animals or Asian art. These meaningful sculptures make excellent housewarming, hostess and holiday gifts. For a wedding, an elephant statue symbolizing fidelity and good luck makes a heartfelt present for the bride and groom. An elephant sculpture is also a touching gift for anyone who could use the encouragement and strength represented by this powerful creature.

They Come in Endless Designs

Our collection includes elephant statues and sculptures ranging from abstract shapes to incredibly realistic. Here are some of the many amazing designs you'll discover:

  • Intricately carved stone elephant statues featuring intricate surface details and patterns
  • Antiqued bronze elephant sculptures with a timeworn patina finish
  • Playful resin elephant ornaments in bright, joyful colors like turquoise and coral
  • Powerful hand-carved wood elephant statues in natural wood tones
  • Sweet little elephant sculptures perfect for display on a bookshelf or tabletop
  • Majestic seating elephant statues you can use as stools or side tables
  • Elephant ornaments with elaborate beaded and jeweled saddle coverings
  • Whimsical elephant sculptures like a mother and baby pair, or elephants balancing a ball
  • Abstract elephant statues made from stacked geometric shapes rather than literal form

Where to Place Your Elephant Sculpture or Statue  

Once you’ve selected the perfect elephant ornament for your space, where should you put it? Here are some recommendations on how to effectively work an elephant statue or sculpture into your room decor:

Entryway - Greet guests with a majestic elephant sculpture positioned near your front door or in the foyer. Opt for a sizable piece that makes a statement.

Living Room - In your main gathering space, place your elephant statue or sculpture so it can be viewed and enjoyed from many angles. Try atop a console table, hearth, bookshelf or cocktail table.

Dining Room - Add exotic flair to your dining area with an elephant ornament on the buffet or at the center of the table as part of floral or candle decor.

Bedroom - Position a smaller elephant statue on a nightstand or dresser to lend a peaceful presence.

Home Office - Let a symbolic elephant sculpture remind you of strength and wisdom while you work. Display it on your desk or a nearby shelf.

Patio - Welcome guests with a weather-resistant elephant ornament beside the front door or on the patio itself. Opt for durable materials like stone, concrete or brass.

Collecting Elephant Sculptures and Statues

Once you bring home your first elephant ornament, you may find yourself wanting to start a collection! Here are some tips for collecting elephant statues and sculptures:

  • Look for a unifying theme or color palette to create a cohesive look when displaying multiple pieces together
  • Mix various materials like brass, porcelain, wood and crystal for visual interest
  • Vary sizes and shapes for dimension - towers of miniatures, tabletop pieces and large standalone statues
  • Seek out limited editions and rare finds at antique shops or estate sales to add to your collection
  • Curate differently themed vignettes around your home - some formal, others playful or minimalist
  • Add new pieces slowly over time so each is properly appreciated before acquiring the next
  • Create an elephant statue gallery wall or display case to showcase your most prized finds

Caring for your Elephant Statues and Sculptures

To keep your elephant ornaments looking their best for years to come, be mindful of proper care based on the material:

  • Dust natural stone, wood, crystal and brass sculptures regularly with a soft cloth
  • Use a mild soap and water solution on glass, ceramic or resin statues
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that could damage delicate finishes
  • Wipe spills immediately to prevent stains on porous materials like terracotta or wood
  • Bring smaller porcelain, ceramic and glass pieces indoors during harsh weather
  • Consider applying wax to wood elephant statues to protect the finish from sun damage
  • Check figurines for loose parts routinely and tighten hardware as needed
  • Consider anchoring larger top-heavy sculptures to the wall studs for safety

Most importantly, be sure to handle your elephant ornaments gently so their fragile details remain undamaged for you to treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about our collection of decorative elephant statues and sculptures:

What materials are the elephant ornaments made from?

Our collection includes elephant statues and sculptures crafted from metal, natural stone, ceramic, glass, crystal, resin, wood and more. Options range from cold cast bronze with faux patinas to intricately jeweled hand-carved stone.

What sizes do the elephant statues come in?

We offer elephant ornaments in sizes ranging from just a couple inches tall up to over three feet in height. Certain designs are available in multiple sizes. Be sure to check dimensions to find the perfect fit for your space.

How are the elephant sculptures shipped?

Smaller elephant statues ship in secure boxes padded with bubble wrap or foam. Larger pieces are professionally crated to prevent any damage during shipment. White glove delivery options are available for most items.

What are the payment options and return policy?

We accept all major credit cards. Contact us for customized payment plans on high-ticket items. Returns are accepted within 30 days as long as items are undamaged.

What care is required for elephant ornaments?

See our care recommendations above for how to clean and maintain decorative elephant statues based on the material. Proper dusting and gentle handling will keep sculptures looking their absolute best.

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