Divine Felines: Stunning Egyptian Cat Statues for Decor

Our collection of exquisite Egyptian cat statues celebrates the regal yet mysterious aura of ancient Egyptian felines. Choose from elegant Bastet cat goddess busts, powerful sphinxes, and seated cat statues. Handcrafted from quality marble, alabaster and designer resin, these striking ancient cat statues make a bold statement. Explore our sub-collections of majestic Egyptian decor like imposing pharaoh busts, jackal god Anubis statues, and general Bastet Statue for more intriguing and lavish accent pieces.

Collection: Egyptian Cat Statue

Welcome to our hand-picked collection of Egyptian Cat Statues from AltoStatue®

If you're a cat lover fascinated by the mysteries of ancient Egypt, you'll adore these carefully sculpted feline figures inspired by the cat goddess Bastet.

As an Egyptian Cat sculpture collector myself, I'm thrilled to share my passion for these divine feline forms. The moment I first laid eyes on an Egyptian cat statue, I was drawn to the elegant way the sculptor captured the grace and poise of the cat. Years later, I'm still finding new treasures to add to my collection.

In this specially curated range, you'll find Egyptian Cat Statues crafted from quality designer resins as well as premium cold-cast bronzes. Admire the fine details like the cat's alert ears or the intricate patterns on the collar. Trace your fingers along the sleek contours of the cat's back, evoking images of cats lounging lazily along the Nile.

Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

  • Bastet's Blessing - a seated Egyptian Cat sculpture with regal posture and intelligent eyes. Makes an impressive statement piece.
  • Temple Guardian - an Egyptian Cat Statue depicting a proud cat wearing a jeweled collar. Ideal for bookshelves or desktops.
  • Cat on Pyramid - a playful bronze Egyptian Cat resting on a mini pyramid, perfect for any cat-themed decor.

I love displaying my collection together in one place. The variety of poses and intricate carvings make a visually striking display. But you can also scatter select pieces around your home - unexpected pops of Egyptian flair!

Friends and family who visit are always delightfully surprised to discover my cat statue collection. It never fails to spark curiosity and conversations. The mysteries of ancient Egypt captured in art you can bring home!

So if you're tempted to start your own Egyptian Cat sculpture collection, you've come to the right place. We hand-pick each piece to ensure remarkable quality and artistry.

I'm confident you'll be absolutely thrilled with your purchase. That magical moment when you unbox your new treasure for the first time is priceless!

Let these mesmerizing feline forms transport you on journeys of the imagination. Here, cats are more than cats. They are symbols of divinity, guardians of the gods.

Display your new Egyptian Cat Statue proudly and delight in its aesthetic and emotional power. This is decor that nourishes the soul.

5 Frequently Asked Questions:

What materials are the statues made from?

Our Egyptian Cat Statues are handcrafted from designer resin as well as premium bronzes for higher end pieces. Only quality materials are used.

What size are the cat statues?

Sizes range from small 4 inch miniatures to larger statement pieces around 12 inches tall. We have cats of all sizes!

How are the statues packaged for shipping?

Each statue is securely wrapped and boxed to ensure safe delivery. Larger items may ship in wood crates for protection.

Is there a returns policy if I don't like the statue?

We offerhassle-free returns within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied. Just contact our customer service.

Do you have any cat-themed decor items other than statues?

Yes! We also offer wall hangings, jewelry, candles and more featuring cat designs and Egyptian themes. Feel free to browse our full catalog.

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