Mythical Guardians: Majestic Outdoor Dragon Statues

Our collection of imposing dragon garden statues brings commanding curb appeal and magic to your yard or garden. Choose large-scale guardian dragons or more playful designs. Handcrafted from durable designer resin and concrete, these striking outdoor dragon statues make a bold statement in any landscape. Explore our sub-collections of fantasy decor like whimsical fairy statues, mysterious alien statues, alluring mermaid statues and winged Pegasus statues for more magical garden accents.

Collection: Dragon Garden Statue & Sculpture

Unleash Your Inner Dragon with Mythical Garden Statues

For centuries, dragons have captured our imaginations and symbolized strength, wisdom, and supernatural power. Now, you can bring the magic of dragons to your own garden with finely crafted dragon garden statues from AltoStatue®. With designs ranging from wise and benevolent to fierce and menacing, these stunning dragon ornaments will breathe fiery personality into your landscape.

Whether you prefer dragon garden statues inspired by Western or Eastern legends, our collection has the perfect piece to showcase your love of mythology and fantasy. Read on to explore your dragon statue options and start designing the mystical garden of your dreams!

Majestic Western Dragons

The classic image of a powerful, scaly dragon guarding a medieval castle or cavern comes from Western mythology. Our majestic Western dragon statues evoke the qualities of strength, ferocity and ancient magic associated with these legendary beasts.

  • Standing Dragon Statue - This intricately detailed dragon garden statue depicts a standing dragon with wings outstretched, as if ready to take flight. Expertly sculpted scales, ridges and claws give texture and dimension to this magical 81⁄2 foot tall ornament that's sure to make an impression.
  • Dragon vs. Knight Statue - Staying true to popular Western mythology, this dramatic scene shows a dragon in mid-battle with a valiant knight. The detailed sculpting of the dragon's powerful physique and the knight's armor make this dynamic statue a focal point for your mystical garden theme.
  • Coiled Dragon Statue - Crafted in quality designer resin, this garden dragon statue shows a mighty dragon curled around a gleaming crystal orb. The fluid, coiled pose and meticulous attention to textured scales make an artistic statement in any corner of your yard.

Regal Eastern Dragons

Dragons play an important role in Eastern cultures, often symbolizing wisdom, longevity and good fortune. Our selection of serene Eastern dragon statues for the garden reflect these auspicious qualities.

  • Chinese Dragon Statue - Modeled after imperial Chinese dragon designs, this gracefully curved statue features a flowing, slender body covered in smooth scales. The dragon's whiskers, horns and sacred pearl further reflect symbolic details found in Eastern dragon mythology.
  • Dragon Wall Sculpture - Accent a garden wall or fence with this elegant Asian-inspired dragon statue. The fluid S-curve of the body creates appealing motion, while the dragon's beard and horns are finished with meticulous detail. Its zen-like qualities bring peaceful energy.
  • Fortune Dragon Statue - Handcrafted from quality designer resin, this graceful dragon statue seems to float through the air as it holds a glowing purple crystal globe. The fluid pose and details like the dragon's beard and claws echo serene Eastern styles and are said to attract good fortune.

Whimsical Dragon Designs

In addition to regal, mythical garden dragon statues, we offer more playful designs that add a touch of whimsy and surprise to your garden décor.

  • Baby Dragon Statue - A cute baby dragon hatching out of its egg makes a fun, youthful accent piece. Details like the hatchling's developing wings, inquisitive expression and cracked egg shell add charming personality. This little dragon statue makes a great gift for fantasy lovers too!
  • Dragon Wind Spinner - Watch this colorful metal dragon take flight as the wind spins its whimsical wings! The rainbow-hued details and sparkling cutouts on the dragon's wing panels create dancing reflections and motion. Mount it on a stand or wall for kinetic garden art.
  • Dragon welcome Statue - Welcome visitors to your home with this cheerful dragon doorman statue! An endearing dragon perches tipsily atop your address plaque, creating a unique house marker. Available with custom text and in charming color options like bold red or glittery gold.

Dragon Statues Big and Small

The AltoStatue® dragon garden statue collection includes pieces ranging from tabletop accents to bold statement pieces. Find the perfect dragon ornament to match your space.

Small Dragon Statues

  • Dragon Figurines (5 - 10 inches tall) - Collectible mini dragon sculptures are highly detailed despite their small size. Fun as fantasy gifts or grouped together for tabletop displays.
  • Garden Dragon Stepping Stones - Hardy dragon stepping stone designs bring decorative interest to garden paths with lively names like "Fiery Spirit" and "Ancient Wisdom".
  • Dragon Planters - Choose from standing or curled dragon planter designs that bring mythological flair to potted plants.

Large Dragon Statues

  • Giant Garden Dragons (6 - 8 feet long) - Breathtaking designer resin dragons arch gracefully through garden beds for an unforgettable focal point.
  • Dragon Wall Fountains - Choose from Asian-inspired or classic dragon designs on these flowing garden wall fountains. The dragon's mouth spews the flowing water.
  • Dragon Sundials - Keep mythical time in your garden with dragon pedestal sundials available in finishes like faux stone and aged bronze.

Key Benefits of Dragon Garden Statues

Now that you've discovered the wide range of dragon statues for gardens available from AltoStatue®, let's look at why these mythical creatures make such powerful design choices:

  • Visually Striking - With bold shapes, flowing curves and intricate details like scales and ridges, dragon statues create eye-catching focal points in any garden.
  • Symbolic Meaning - Display your love of magic, fantasy and mythology with meaningful dragon garden art. Dragons symbolize qualities like courage, longevity, and spiritual growth.
  • Conversation Pieces - You'll love telling guests the stories behind your new dragon statue additions! These conversation-starting works of art intrigue visitors.
  • Customizable - Available in a range of sizes, poses, colors and materials, it's easy to find a dragon statue to match your personal style and space.
  • Artistic Quality - Our lifelike designer resin dragon statues feature meticulous hand-finishing by artisans, resulting in heirloom-quality fantasy decor.

You're sure to find the perfect dragon statue to give your garden a mythological makeover in the AltoStatue® Dragon Garden Statue collection. And with our low price match guarantee and free shipping on orders over $50, these striking fantasy accents are more affordable than ever.

Get in touch with any questions about:

  • Dragon statue designs, sizes, and finishes
  • Personalization options like custom names and texts
  • Low price match guarantee
  • Hassle-free returns within 60 days

Our team is ready to help you choose the ideal dragon lawn ornaments to awaken your imagination and ignite the mystical aura surrounding your home! 

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