Divine Feline Deities: Majestic Bastet Statues for Decor

Our collection of elegant Bastet statues celebrates the revered Egyptian cat goddess. Choose from regal busts, powerful sphinxes, and seated cat sculptures. Handcrafted from quality marble, alabaster and designer resin, these striking ancient Egyptian statues make a lavish accent. Explore our sub-collections of imposing artifacts like stoic pharaoh busts, mysterious Anubis figures, and general ancient Egyptian decor to find the perfect goddess statue for your home.

Collection: Bastet Statue & Sculpture

Welcome to our collection of Bastet statues and Bastet sculptures. As lovers of ancient history and mythology, we at AltoStatue® are thrilled to present these quality decor pieces honoring Bastet, the feline goddess of protection, joy, and family in Ancient Egyptian religion.

Bastet, also known as Bast, was a major deity worshipped for over 3,000 years. Her enduring feline iconography reflects the integral role cats played in Egyptian society. As predators of snakes and rodents, cats protected food stores and symbolized the fight against evil.

Our Bastet statues allow you to bring a touch of this history into your own home. Display one prominently in an entryway or hallway to invoke Bastet's protection and her watchful eye over all who enter. Place another in a bedroom or living area to promote domestic joy and harmony.

We offer Bastet sculptures in a variety of styles, from elegant seated figurines to playful cat-headed pieces. Our artisans handcraft each one from high-quality designer resin or cold-cast bronze using traditional techniques. The detailing is exquisite - you can see each strand of Bastet's ceremonial jewelry and every hair in her lioness mane.

The Bastet statues showcase the goddess as the Egyptians revered her - a woman's body with a cat's head, symbolic of her dual benevolent and dangerous nature. She wears her uraeus, the royal cobra headpiece denoting her divine status. In one hand, she grips an ankh, the key of life, while the other holds a sistrum rattle used in rituals and ceremonies.

Some of our favorite Bastet sculptures include:

  • Seated Bastet - The goddess sits regally on a throne decorated with hieroglyphs. This 13-inch designer resin sculpture lends sophisticating elegance.
  • Bastet Blessing - Adorned with intricate jewelry, Bastet extends her sistrum in a gesture of blessing and protection over the home. This bronze finish 9-inch sculpture has exquisite fine details.
  • Playful Bastet - Here the cat goddess is captured in a playful pose, crouched with tail curled as if ready to pounce in joyful fun. This lighthearted cold-cast bronze 8-inch sculpture will make you smile.
  • Bastet, Protector of Joy - A stunning 16-inch designer resin sculpture shows Bastet seated calmly, one hand on her lap and the other holding the sistrum. She emanates sublime grace.

The symbolism and fine craftsmanship of our Bastet decor provides an intriguing conversation piece. More than mere art objects, these Bastet statues and Bastet sculptures offer a point of connection to ancient history and mythology.

Displaying a representation of Bastet evokes her protective and joyful spirit. Having a Bastet statue or Bastet sculpture can infuse your home with a sense of the goddess' benevolence, helping promote harmony and positivity in family life.

Friends and guests will delight in the beauty of our cat goddess decor pieces. Their presence adds warmth and spiritual resonance to any space. We suggest placing them in entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, meditation corners - anywhere their symbolic attributes are desired.

Here are answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions about our Bastet statue and Bastet sculpture collection:

Who is Bastet?

Bastet is the Ancient Egyptian goddess of protection, family, joy, and cats. She was one of the most popular and long-enduring deities in Egypt, worshipped from the 2nd Dynasty into the Roman period.

What is Bastet typically depicted as?

Bastet is most often depicted as a woman with the head of a domestic cat. This reflects her role as both a fierce lioness warrior and a nurturing guardian deity.

What symbols are associated with Bastet?

Commonly seen symbols are the sistrum rattle used in rituals, the ankh key of life, and the uraeus cobra headpiece denoting her divine status. Jewelry and linen clothing also reflect her high status.

What were cats associated with in Ancient Egypt?

Cats were revered for controlling vermin and protecting food stores. Their predatory nature invoked Bastet's fierceness against evil. Egyptians considered cats manifestations of Bastet.

Where should I place a Bastet statue in my home?

Prominent locations like entryways, living spaces, and bedrooms are great for evoking Bastet's protective energies and promoting domestic joy and harmony.

We hope you've enjoyed learning about our quality Bastet statues and Bastet sculptures. Please browse our collection to find the perfect piece connecting you to this captivating goddess! Let her grace and feline power infuse your home with blessings.

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