Guardians of the Dead: Striking Anubis Statues for Decor

Our collection of imposing Anubis statues celebrates the jackal-headed Egyptian god of the afterlife. Choose from powerful busts, anthropomorphic figures, pylon guardians and more. Handcrafted from marble, granite and designer resin, these commanding ancient Egyptian statues make a bold accent. Explore our sub-collections of regal artifacts like stoic pharaoh busts, divine Bastet statues, and general ancient Egyptian statues for more majestic and lavish decor.

Collection: Anubis Statue & Sculpture

Decorative statues have been valued by cultures across the globe for millennia. From ancient Egypt and Greece to the courts of Medieval Europe, sculpted figures served ritual, commemorative and ornamental purposes. Today, quality statues remain sought-after accents that infuse spaces with artistry, mystique and grandeur. Our Anubis statues collection spotlights the rich history and striking imagery surrounding Anubis, the ancient Egyptian deity.

Anubis occupied a vital role in the pantheon of Egyptian gods for over 3,000 years. Depicted as a jackal-headed figure, he presided over the process of mummifying bodies and guiding souls to the afterlife. Anubis' stark black coloring and canine features evoked both darkness and acute perceptiveness. As the guardian of cemeteries and the god of embalming, Anubis helped determine whether souls entered the eternal paradise or damnation after death.

With his riveting iconography, Anubis makes for an ideal subject in decorative statuary. An Anubis sculpture lends intrigue and opulence to any interior. Our collection incorporates a range of poses, sizes and materials, allowing you to choose the ideal Anubis statue for your space. Read on to discover what makes our Anubis figures so special.

Majestic Poses

Many Anubis statues capture him in a seated position, with a pharaoh's flail across his lap denoting justice and dominion. Others portray a standing Anubis holding aloft the ankh, the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for life. Select pieces showcase a reclining Anubis, leaning on one elbow atop a sarcophagus. These commanding poses amplify Anubis' aura of authority and grandeur.

Exquisite Details

From sharp ears to individually carved fingers, our Anubis sculptures come alive with intricate detailing. Fine features honor Anubis' jackal mien, from tapered muzzles to alert, upright ears. Some models even have movable jaws for a touch of realism. Careful craftsmanship ensures each statue has crisply defined chest fur, graceful tail curls and keen facial expressions.

Original Materials

Our exclusive Anubis collection utilizes natural, solid materials for lasting beauty. Choose from options in marble, alabaster, bronze, wood and pure onyx. The smooth coolness of marble or alabaster nicely offsets Anubis' dark image. Bronze gives a glint of preciousness, while wood provides organic warmth. Onyx with its saturated black color emulates Anubis' dramatic essence. Each material lends the sculpture unique visual richness.

Artisanal Production

Skilled artisans individually handcraft our Anubis statues for unparalleled quality. They employ time-honored techniques like lost-wax casting and chiseling to shape, refine and polish every piece. From raw materials to completed form, our statues come into being through meticulous effort by masterful workers. This personal touch gives them an authentic, soulful presence.

Statement Showpieces

Display an Anubis sculpture as the focal point of a room to mesmerize guests. Position one in an entryway or foyer to deliver an immediate sense of magic. Place by patio doors or in a garden alcove to connect interior and exterior spaces. Situate a statue against a bare wall to create an eye-catching vignette. Use a pair of identical Anubis figures for symmetric allure. However you incorporate it, an Anubis statue makes a striking accent sure to draw attention.

Our Anubis sculptures channel ancient mysteries in a thoroughly modern way. Let these Anubis statues transport you on flights of imagination inspired by the legendary landscapes of ancient Egypt. AltoStatue's artisans have masterfully captured Anubis' essence in three-dimensional form. Bring home your own iconic Anubis statue to appreciate for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the Anubis statues made from?

Our Anubis sculptures come in a range of high-quality materials like marble, alabaster, bronze, wood and onyx. Each material lends the statue a unique visual appeal.

What sizes are available?

Anubis statues in our collection range from tabletop models just over a foot tall up to human-scale and larger statement pieces. Sizes span from 14 inches to over 7 feet tall.

How are the statues crafted?

Skilled artisans hand make each Anubis sculpture using time-honored techniques like lost-wax casting, chiseling and polishing. This artisanal production ensures quality details.

How can I incorporate an Anubis statue into my home?

Display an Anubis sculpture as a focal point in an entryway, against a wall, in the garden, or anyplace you want an eye-catching accent. Pair statues for added elegance.

Do the statues depict Anubis sitting, standing or reclining?

Our collection includes Anubis statues in different commanding poses - seated with pharaoh's flail, standing with ankh, and reclining atop a sarcophagus.

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