Majestic Relics: Stunning Ancient Egyptian Statues for Decor

Our expansive collection of ornate ancient Egyptian statues evokes the splendor of past pharaohs and gods. Choose from imposing royal busts, mystical sphinxes, Anubis, Bastet and more. Handcrafted from quality marble, alabaster and bronze, these lavish Egyptian artifacts bring intrigue to any space. Explore our sub-collections like powerful pharaoh busts, divine god statues, regal Egyptian cat statues and Egyptian dog statues to discover the perfect statue for your home museum.

Collection: Ancient Egyptian Statue

Welcome to our collection of Ancient Egyptian Statues from AltoStatue®

These stunning decorative pieces allow you to surround yourself with the majesty and intrigue of one of history's greatest civilizations.

Our artisans have painstakingly recreated replicas of Ancient Egyptian antiquities, encapsulating the skill and artistry that brought pharaohs and gods to life thousands of years ago. From mighty warriors to mystical animal-headed figures, our statues reflect the diverse beliefs and values of these ancient people.

Owning a piece of Ancient Egypt in your home or office lets you bask in the aura of power and spirituality these cultures cultivated. Display one of our pharaoh busts or Anubis statues and feel that strength flow into your surroundings. Our cat Bastet statues will imbue your space with femininity and grace. Surround yourself with the energy of Ra, Isis, Horus and other deities revered as divine protectors and guides.

Beyond their spiritual resonance, Ancient Egyptian statues are simply astounding works of art. Our artisans employ traditional carving and painting techniques to recreate the elegant lines, intricate details and vibrant colors of the original antiquities. Natural materials like stone, wood and bronze are shaped into flowing robes, elaborate headdresses, and hypnotic animal features. Truly, holding one of these replicas connects you to skills and mastery that have endured for thousands of years.

Here are some key reasons to add these meaningful works to your surroundings:

  • Beautiful Replicas of Antiquities: Our artisans recreate every detail, from solemn expressions to hieroglyphic carvings.
  • Luxury, Natural Materials: Statues hand-carved from stone, wood, bronze and resin.
  • Conversation Starters: Imagine the intrigue these statues will spark in your guests.
  • Connect with History: Surround yourself with Egyptian history and mythology.
  • Unique Home Décor: Such stunning and symbolic accents for any space.

For a deeper dive into these mesmerizing Ancient Egyptian decorations, explore the sections below. Discover which statues call to you and begin your journey into these fascinating ancient worlds.

Mighty Pharaohs

No Ancient Egyptian collection would be complete without representations of its all-powerful divine kings. Our pharaoh busts and statues capture the authority and spiritual resonance of these figures that were seen as emissaries between gods and men.

Recreate your own royal hall with our:

  • King Tut statues - Portrayals of arguably the most famous pharaoh, renowned for his golden burial mask.
  • Ramses statues - Depictions of Ramses the Great, who ruled for over 60 years and expanded Egyptian territory.
  • Nefertiti busts - Replicas of the instantly recognizable bust of this legendary beauty.
  • Generic pharaoh busts - With royal beards and nemes headdresses, these busts are the essence of pharaonic power.

Surrounded by such majestic visages, you may just absorb some of the commanding energy and confidence of these god-kings. Let these striking works remind you of the greatness you too can achieve.

Gods of Ancient Egypt

Central to Ancient Egyptian culture and religion was a vast pantheon of deities embodied in our statues. Surround yourself with these primal gods and harness the unique traits they represent.

Some of our most mesmerizing god statues include:

  • Anubis - This jackal-headed guardian mummified the dead and guided souls to the afterlife. Place him by doorways to defend your home.
  • Horus - Often depicted as a falcon, Horus was the god of the sky, war and protection. He provides safety and strength.
  • Bastet - The feline goddess Bastet represents femininity, fertility and motherhood. She watches over children and pregnant women.
  • Thoth - Usually shown as an ibis or baboon, Thoth governed wisdom, magic and writing. He stimulates creativity and knowledge.

Bring your space positive energy and protection with these and our many other Egyptian deity decorations. With the gods on your side, you're sure to find fortune.

Temple Guardians

In ancient times, intimidating mythic creatures guarded temple doors and sarcophagi to frighten off evil spirits and intruders. Our statues recreate these fierce protectors so their undaunting presence can shield your home.

Some of the ancient figures we produce include:

  • Sphinxes - The iconic lions with human heads, seen for millennia as all-knowing guardians. Place them by your front door for security.
  • Serpopards - With the body of a leopard and head of a snake, no imaginary monster could get past this hybrid.
  • Ammit - This death-bringer was a mix of crocodile, hippo and lion. She now ensures your safety rather than your demise.

Let these ferocious yet beautiful creatures stand watch and instill a sense of invulnerability derived from their ancient wisdom.

Animal Deities

Ancient Egyptians saw divinity within many creatures of land, sky and water. Our animal statues celebrate this belief in the inherent spirituality of the natural world.

  • Bastet cat statues - Portrayals of the goddess Bastet in her familiar feline form. She governs femininity, fertility and protection.
  • Anubis jackal statues - Showing the jackal-headed god as he guides souls to the afterlife.
  • Horus falcon statues - Depicting the great sky deity Horus with his avian elegance and vision.
  • Thoth baboon statues - Representing the god of wisdom with the animal Egyptians considered most intelligent.

Bring your space in tune with the energies of these natural spirits and connect with the divinity of the animal kingdom.

Hieroglyphics and Symbols

Many of our statues incorporate the mesmerizing pictorial hieroglyphics and symbols that adorned Egyptian antiquities. These visual representations conveyed deeper spiritual meanings and revealed an enlightened understanding of the universe.

Surrounding yourself with hieroglyphic carvings and repeating motifs like the ankh, djed, lotus and scarab connects you to the esoteric wisdom encoded within these symbols. Contemplating their forms each day helps unlock intuitions that dwell deep in the subconscious.

As you analyze our intricately decorated busts, obelisks, plaques and cartouches, you may discover insights reaching back through the ages. Revelations lie beneath these hieroglyphs for those who seek Egypt's concealed truths.

A Home Filled With Timeless Beauty

We hope our collection has opened your eyes to the wonders waiting within Ancient Egyptian decor. Our artisans poured their skill, passion and scholarship into recreating these antiquities that brim with history and spirituality.

Display these imposing pharaohs, mysterious animal deities and hypnotic symbols throughout your home and be transported to an ancient world of exotic beauty and dread powers. Surround yourself with Ancient Egypt and infuse your space with its grandeur.

If our statues have intrigued you, explore the full AltoStatue® catalogue. Beyond Egypt, we offer pieces from across history, from Buddhist works to Greco-Roman busts.

Let us help you curate a space as unique as you. Bring historical elegance and symbolic meaning into your world with décor made to endure through the ages.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are your Egyptian statues made?

A: Our artisans handcraft each piece from luxury materials like resin, wood, stone and bronze. We employ traditional techniques used for millennia to carve and paint details with meticulous care.

Q: How big are these statues?

A: We offer Egyptian statues in a range of sizes from small desk accents to larger showpieces. Browse our catalogue to find the perfect size for your space.

Q: Are these statues fragile?

A: Made from durable materials by skilled hands, our statues can withstand everyday environments. Larger pieces have solid bases for stability. Follow care instructions to ensure their longevity.

Q: Is this replica line affiliated with museums?

A: Our artisans recreate Egyptian antiquities with a scholar's attention to detail. But we are not officially affiliated with any museums.

Q: Do you have payment plan options?

A: Yes, we offer flexible monthly payment plans to help you affordably decorate with statuesque accents. Contact us to learn more.

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